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    I have an unbranded Nokia Lumia 1520 running Lumia Cyan with the latest Developer Preview version. My phone worked perfectly until a couple days ago.

    Now, when I turn on the screen, the display looks fine for a few seconds but a white veil slowly appears, getting brighter and brighter to the point where the screen almost becomes unreadable. I also noticed a drop in the display quality, which is clearly not a 1080p but resembles more that of a Lumia 520.

    Has anyone ever had this problem before? Could you tell me whether it is a hardware or software issue?

    Thank you very much for your answer
    09-29-2014 05:14 AM
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    it sounds as though the ambient light sensor is defective or being obscured. If you have a case/screen protector, try removing it and see if that fixes the issue.

    You can also try going into settings->brightness and turning off "adjust automatically and see if that sorts it out.

    If that's not the problem, your screen might have given up the ghost.
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    09-29-2014 05:18 AM

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