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    Heres the problem.
    I think people have seen the WP vs iphone, cortana vs siri commercials and are pretty intrigued by now.
    Every time I bring my 920 out.. someone leans in and asks "how do you like it?"
    - that said..
    My 920, after 2 years is up for renewal pretty soon so I cruised over to my carrier -Rogers (toronto) only to find that there was only ONE model to be had. (the 635) Every day on the wpcentral site I'm reading about new models coming out yet the carriers (in Canada at least) aren't carrying them!
    After Rogers I went to Bell, then Telus, and then even the smaller Chatr, Fido, Koodo they all carried ONE phone!!!
    Sometimes it was the 635, sometimes the 520, Bells only phone is the ATIV S.. that thing came out before my 920 #forcryingoutloud!

    there is no choice!

    Not one of these carriers even showed different models on the same page to make it LOOK like they had stock.
    (wheres the 1020 rogers?, 720, 730, 1520, ICON, 930 925 I know Im missing some.. and that's also what make it so ridiculous)

    Telus for one has TWELVE iphones at the top of the page before you get to even the android section..
    EG: iphone 6 16G / iphone 6 32G / iphone 6 64G / iphone 5S 8G... etc.
    each item has a picture of the same phone and (same) color options showcasing iphone in all its glory (taking up 4 rows on the page make the user scroll)

    When you DO scroll past iphone, then past Android and all of its models you come to a lonely WP 635 sitting there all by itself in the "windows phone" row.

    Branding for the iphone is consistent across ALL of the carriers. Apple has provided (apple approved) images for them to use. you see the same branding no matter what site you are looking at.. genius. They've (apple) probably mandated that each version (of the same damn model) must be showcased as though it was a completely different phone.. (that's what it FELT like to me drowning in a sea of Apple options anyway, if Im here to buy a phone? the choice is simple "..look at how many apple phones there are!")

    What is Microsoft doing to MAKE SURE their product is being represented in a positive light?! -nothing. If I was the average consumer on ANY one of the Canadian carriers websites, Windows Phone looks pretty lame. it would be the LAST phone I would consider.

    Smartphones, iPhone and plans | Mobility | TELUS.com
    Windows phones from Bell Mobility | Bell Canada
    Windows | Phones & Devices | Shop | Fido.ca
    chatr wireless - Phones

    10-02-2014 06:43 PM
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    MS probably figures that it is futile to compete with the iPhone on the high end right now so not surprised there isn't a new, high end flagship Lumia in the near future. It looks like they are letting other manufacturers who can dual purpose their Android phones with WP to sell to whatever high end crowd exists for now.

    The only glimmers of strength for WP are in the low- and medium-price segments globally and I think because WP users here are more price sensitive, no contract BYOD plans. So carriers and the salespeople on the floor don't have the same incentive to stock and push WP phone here in the U.S. (and Canada).
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    10-02-2014 07:11 PM
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    I concur with the OP's assessment.

    I went in my local AT&T store a couple of days ago to discuss some issues with the billing. Everywhere I look, iPhones and Android phones. iPads and Samsung tablets. I asked where are all the Windows devices, the guy said something about they don't sell. They are using that as the excuse to not even have a demo device, a poster, a flyer, nothing at all. Well of course if nobody knows they exist, how many are they going to sell?

    This is inexcusable. They should at the very least have some advertising materials or a demo device. I can see not carrying the inventory if sales are low, but at least make people aware of what choices they have. I guess if somebody knew the exact model they wanted, they could go in there and order it sight unseen, and have it delivered but still, how many average customers are going to do that kind of research.

    I agree with somebody who said that Microsoft needs to go thermonuclear on these phone retailers. Hire and train their own sales staff for Windows devices, put one in every AT&T, VZW, TMO, Walmart, Best Buy and Sams Club. Their one and only job is to promote Windows.
    10-30-2014 12:14 PM

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