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    My wife is recently using Nokia Lumia 521 with T-mobile service. Sometimes she made phone call to me. I hanged up after the phone conversation. After 10 sec., my phone was ring again and I saw my wife phone was calling me, but she didn't. Sometimes, it happened couple times after handed up.
    11-10-2014 12:11 PM
  2. littlegreenbob's Avatar
    Is it pocket dialling?

    Pocket dialling is common. Smart phones have so many shortcuts that just by walking the dog you could probably sign into a website and complete your tax return without even knowing it. I would make sure there is a passcode that must be entered after it is unlocked. This is ideal both for security and to help prevent pocket dialling

    If it is not pocket dialling have a look at other short cuts, or redial buttons that haven't accidently been touched
    11-11-2014 03:27 AM

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