My Surface Pro 4 Horror Story


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Mar 17, 2013
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[Old Story - August 23, 2018]

Thought I'll just let go, but every time I look at this device, I can't resist.

First year, I suffered with multitude of software issues.

Second year started with the [in]famous "flickering screen". It started after a software update. I remember spending days trying to "reset" "reinstall" thinking it's a software issue. Took some time to realize it's actually a wide-spread hardware issue.

Was considering getting a new laptop. But, unfortunately, because I had to suffer more, and so heard about the "replacement program"

Reluctantly called the Microsoft support. After the first call I was like "That's it? that easy?". Had no idea about the kind of horrendous support from Microsoft and FedEx was awaiting Me.

That's when problems with Software and "flickering screen" started looking so small. MY GOD, THEIR SUPPORT. It was a 45 days of misery for me. It felt like someone is trying to deliberately harass Me.

All the while, it's an infinite loop of Me asking Microsoft to arrange a pick-up at "address 1", and an ***** from fedex calling me to tell that he is coming to "address 2". Did I keep changing "address 1"? No, it's the exact same address I dictated some 10 times over phone and mail

What's even worse is, email is just a fraction of the story. Talk about those 10s and 10s of phone calls happened with geniuses at Microsoft India and FedEx India

In a day when even local food delivery services operate at minutes accuracy, how can 2 big companies like Microsoft and FedEx mes-up so bad? How is it even possible that such ignorance can continue for 45 long days.

[New Story - January 2019]
The horror story continues..

After a lot of complaining, emails and phone calls My old Surface Pro has finally been replaced.

But you know what, the new [refurbished] one started flickering from the 2nd day of usage.

What is happening here? How can /r/microsoft be so ignorant? It seems more like arrogance.

Don't they do even basic level of quality control?

This thing is really affecting my career at this point of time.

I tweeted about it here
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