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    Brand new Lumia 830 and brand new sandisk 128GB ultra sd card.

    Done everything by the book. Transferred music won't be played by xbox music.
    Instead I get "Sorry, Your phone can not play this file, error code 80070003".

    I can find the music using "Files" and play one song at a time. The files/the music can also be played by 3rd party apps like "Cool Music" and "Music Now". But I can't stand their commercials . . .
    Done the "Soft Restart" or whatever it's called (english not being my native language), Reformatted the card 3 times, synced just 100 songs the last time (I have 5600 songs on iTunes that I've tried to sync - all music is either bought from iTunes or rippped from my CDs - DRM free!)

    I've come to the conclusion that I am doing nothing wrong!
    The "WRONG" is in WP 8.1 Denim or in Xbox music . . .

    OR. . . does anyone have a good expalantion or a remedy for this problem.


    ps I had/have a Nokia 808 Pureview, tranferred all my music (35GB) to its 64GB card without ANY problem at all. I thought this would be just as easy, the 830 being a much more modern phone with a much more modern OS . . .
    Sorry if I sound all disappointed but that's really how I feel. Have searched the web and tried "everything" but to no avail . . .

    ps 2 -Why aren't You using Your Nokia 808 then?
    - Because it fell on its "head" while charging breaking the charger contact. So I bought a Lumia 830.
    11-26-2014 03:55 PM
  2. Aresjr21's Avatar
    By chance, what are the file formats you are attempting to play through xbox music? Also have you tried zbox to play your music? It I'd a third party music that is pretty good in my opinion although a bit buggy but it is constantly improving.
    11-26-2014 04:11 PM
  3. stekar's Avatar
    The music is what's in my iTunes library. I haven't done any "tweaking" to it, its "out of the box" iTunes so I'm quite sure my music are regular mp3 files.

    Zbox ? ? ? Does it have commercials like "Cool Music" and "Music Now" have - Then it's not for me!

    Thank You for Your input.
    11-26-2014 05:17 PM
  4. Aresjr21's Avatar
    No zbox does not.
    11-27-2014 03:52 PM

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