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    It worked in Mavericks and I used Bluetooth all the time to transfer photos from my Lumia 920 and 1520 to my Mac. For transferring a small number of photos, it was a lot more convenient than using the Windows Phone app via USB. But now that I've upgraded my Mac to Yosemite, it no longer works. Does anyone know a fix?
    12-29-2014 05:41 PM
  2. jmshub's Avatar
    I'm not familiar enough with OSX to know all the details, but have you tried deleting the connection and re-pairing it? Software updates can do odd things like that.
    12-29-2014 09:44 PM
  3. David Trudeau1's Avatar
    Try this: support.apple.com/kb/PH18969?viewlocale=en_US
    01-04-2015 01:20 AM
  4. RichardBurt's Avatar
    You can try Filedrop which apparently does the same thing but also includes Windows machines.


    Edit: Sorry, you're talking about transferring files from a WP to Mac. The link will be of no use then.
    Edit 2: On their website they do say that they want to have versions out for every computer and phone so keep an eye on it. The WP version will be along "this year".
    01-04-2015 02:08 AM

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