How can I tether my MacBook Air to my Nokia Lumia 535 via an ethernet cable?

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I've just bought a USB 2.0 OTG Micro-B to 10/100 adapter in order to tether my MacBook Air to my Windows Nokia Lumia 535 phone, but without success.

I'm using Mac OS 10 version 10.9.5 and first tried the rig without installing Plugable's zip driver, and then tried having installed it – still no success.

The message beside 'status' in Networks (System Preferences) says that the Thunderbolt Ethernet is plugged in but may not be connected to a device, or the device at the other end may not be responding.

I can't see any kind of option on my phone to connect via ethernet, but I've read that an ethernet connection can usually be made with a phone even though industry people often say that it cannot.

I'm using a Thunderbolt>Ethernet adapter and a new Ugreen gold-plated ethernet cable and have double checked the functionality of both of these pieces by successfully plugging into a router and accessing the internet that way, so I know that the problem isn't there.

Is anyone able to advise?

I'm electromagnetic hypersensitive so have to go to great lengths to avoid Wifi, Bluetooth and certain other EMFs. I live out in the country and need a wired solution for my work.

Many thanks.

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