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    Hello As im new to lumia windows phone (previously symbian) i was wondering if there is any app regarding mobile plan limits. Im on a monthly plan with specific minutes, sms and data. As for data i put the limit from 'data sense' but how about the rest. Searching around i found " Counters" app for older lumia phones. is there any app for newer windows phones to check other limits also or is there any options that i didnt find to do this king of thing?

    01-03-2015 11:28 AM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    No there are no "general" counter apps for call or SMS.
    But your carrier maybe has a dedicated app for call and SMS so please check your carriers website,
    If your carrier has no app then they may have a website where you can see your see your usage.
    My carrier first did not have an app for windows so I used the website. But now they have an app and can use it.
    01-03-2015 12:04 PM

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