Lumia 735 issue with installation of app


Aug 21, 2018
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Dear colleagues. Please may I request advice about a problem I have at present:

I have recently obtained a Nokia Lumia phone cheaply - the Nokia Lumia 735. I have never owned a Windows phone previously. This Lumia 735 phone had Windows 8.1 installed.
I have managed to upgrade the firmware because the Vodafone firmware was intalled. I successfully flashed the firmware to a generic firmware.

Also upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile via by firstly installing the Microsoft Upgrade Advisor. After this it was possible to update to Windows 10 Mobile.
Taking this latter step enabled me to then install an app that cannot be installed on the OS earlier than Windows 10 Mobile. It is not compatible with Windows Eight. The app in question is called JW Library.

Some time after this I did a "backup" of the phone but I think (but am not sure) that I may have accidentally terminated the back up process before it went to completion.

Still later, after doing a hard reset, I needed to do a reinstallation of the JW Library app because it no longer was present.

Therefore I went to the MS Store,and searched for the app and it appeared as "owned" for some reason.

Thereafter , still in MS Store, I clicked on the JW Library icon then the "Install" button. After a successful download of the app, the installation appeared to proceed to completion successfully. Not however before the (to me) strange message "restoring user data" appeared.

After this I clicked on the "launch" button and managed to launch the app. However sadly the installation appears to be defective because although some of the menu items are present, several are missing and therefore the app in this state is not useable.

After this I tried to figure out what may be the problem by searching online. I tried a couple of things as follows:
(1) a further hard reset followed by another try with installing JW Library
(2) deleting all backup files from Microsoft One Drive (followed again by hard reset and fresh attempt at intalling JW Library. (all to no avail as the problem persists

I wonder whether there is some file of a backup saved not on One Drive but maybe in the system folder of the phone. To be honest I seem to have hit a brick wall with this issue at this point.

Therefore please would any with far more knowledge than me be so kind as to if possible offer some advice on an explanation of what's gone wrong, and , more importantly, what solution may be available.

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