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    I'm thinking of getting my mother the Lumia 630. Her previous phone is a HTC Desire C with Android 4, 600 MHz Single core and a 512 mb of RAM. The phone lags and it's reached the end of its life.

    The 630 is around 6500 INR (105 USD) here in India with no contract. I love the phone but I'm also aware of its shortcomings. Does the absence of the proximity and ambient sensor matter in real life usage. And reviewers online lament the screen on the 630. Is it really that bad ? 220 ppi with ClearBlack seems fine for a ultra budget smartphone.

    Her most used apps are Whatsapp, Vine, Facebook and a few travel apps.

    Is the phone right for her ? It's promises to be fast (SD 400). Does the 512 Mb RAM affect real life performance ? She doesn't play any games.
    I'm now to keen on the 535 because of its sub par display, processor and the infamous touch screen issues. ? I'm also looking at the Moto E (115 USD) and the Xperia M (157 USD). The Xperia M is slightly out of my budget.

    I would appreciate if someone from WPC could give me clear picture on the 630.
    01-27-2015 03:08 AM
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    First of all welcome on the forum. Getting one clear answer will be difficult in a forum because everyone has it's own opinion.
    But every new phone you get here will be an improvement due compared with here "old" phone.
    And it looks like you already did a good research.
    The problem with new low/middle range phones is that they are often compared with high end phoned.
    There are here on the forum also dedicated 630 post have a look to these.
    I am not sure if you know about the 638 which will soon be launched in India.
    This may also be a good choice.


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    01-27-2015 03:21 AM

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