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    Hey guys, so me and my father about a week ago bought fresh new lumia 930. The thing is that mine is CV GBIE and my father is CV RO AL (which is Europe version) so the first thing I have noticed is that I can't choose the default search engine for IE.. The next thing is that I don't get sound when lock/unlock the device(not a big deal for me but it is a thing) and also some positions in settings are in different order. For example the last thing in my dad's settings list is Hey Cortana, but in mine its display. So I'm wondering is this because of the CV or it's a kind of a software issue and I have to do a hard reset?
    P.s. I'll be very thankful if anyone come up with a solution and I apologize for my not so good english :D
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    02-02-2015 02:23 PM
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    Last question first... Usually the last item in settings is the one that last got an update. It may also just be a difference in firmware between the two.

    Sounds can be toggled here: Settings > ringtones + sounds > there are several boxes you can check/uncheck for "Play a sound for" category, including "Lock and unlock."

    Changing the default search engine in IE may have been disabled in your browser by default. Microsoft won't let you set Google as default search on some new Lumias | The Verge

    You could pin the Google site as a tile to your start screen and many tile makers like Skinery of Wiz Tiles have it preconfigured and/or will help dress it up.
    02-02-2015 04:56 PM
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    Thanks! Yes I know how to toggle the sound but when I check the box for lock and unlock nothing happens. Whatever, again it's not a big deal for me so I can live with it. I'm happy that someone answered me and it was useful! Thanks for the help!
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    02-03-2015 01:04 AM

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