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    My mom and I are both part of a weight loss group and both use the myfitnesspal app and LOVE it! My husband got me a misfit flash for christmas 2014. I recently talked my mom into getting a tracker as well but she chose the fitbit charge. She has an iphone, I have a droid. Her daily activity is “lightly active” and mine is “sedentary”. We obviously also have different height, weight, and goals, etc. Since I started using my misfit flash it has always given me bonus calories for every step tracked and even with these bonus calories I have had success with my weightloss goals as long as I stick to the reccommended calorie budget. I typically average around 5000 steps per day and that usually gives me an extra 200-250 calories to consume. My mom just got her fitbit charge today and after wearing it for about 5 hours had walked 5000 steps but there were 0 calories added to her budget. According to my research I understand that myfitnesspal estimates how many calories you will burn daily just based on your activity level chosen at set up. When you have an activity tracker it measures how many calories you did burn based on your tracked activity and your calorie budget on myfitnesspal is then updated with whatever the difference is between their estimate is vs what the tracker reports. What I am confused about is why does my misfit flash give me bonus calories for pretty much every tracked step while my mom (with the fitbit charge) has to walk a certain amount of steps before her myfitnesspal app adjusts the daily calorie budget at all? Something doesn’t seem right here. Is the misfit flash not designed to work that way? Is it because I am sedentary instead of lightly active? I just don’t get it. I am still losing weight even with the added calories from my steps. Anyone have any ideas?
    02-20-2015 12:00 AM

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