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    I am using Intel Stick PC, the Meego Pad. I came with Windows 8.1 install, everything works fine. However, after installing Windows 10, then restoring all the drivers, no sound come to HDMI.

    Everything looks fine for sound, from device manager, configuring, test the the sound, it appear like it's working visual, but there's no sound.

    Controller Information:
    Intel SST Audio Device (WDM)

    Driver Information:
    Driver Provider: Intel
    Driver Date: 6/27/2014
    Driver Version: 603.9600.2801.45085
    Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows Hardward Compatibility Publisher

    Driver file details:
    Name: dmk.sys, Provider: Microsoft, Version: 10.0.9800
    Name: isstrt.sys, Intel, 6.3.9600.1038
    Name: portcls.sys, Microsoft, 10.0.9926 (fbl_awesome 1501.150119-1648)
    Name: realtek_fw_sst.bin, Unknown, Unknown
    Name: MsApoFxProxy.dll, Microsoft, 10.0.9926.0 (flb_awsome 1501.150119-1648)
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    Try installing Windows 8.1 drivers in compatibility mode
    03-03-2015 11:30 PM

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