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    Friends I purchased Lumia 535 a month ago and since then I had been facing two problems: Faulty screen touch while charging and a call drop problem after about 5-10 secs whenever I am moving around in a vehicle. The first was rectified at Nokia care and the service personnel said due to reinstallation of OS, both the problems have been taken care of. Although the first problem is rectified, the second persists. The weird part is that when I talk without using earphone, the call carries on normally but when I talk over the earphones, the call drops after some disturbance in the call. I have tried it on both Sims with the same result! Moreover when I am walking around and talking over the earphones, things are fine. It's only when I am moving around in buses, does the problem creep up. Please help! ☹

    Thanks all in anticipation.
    03-04-2015 01:18 PM

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