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    I have a SP3 i7 8gb system and I've lived with some quirks for the most part, but this recent hibernation bs is a big problem f or me. Graphic performance issues is a growing problem and I'm dealing with spotty wireless mouse connectivity when using a USB 3.0 hub. Last night I was trying to transfer a project 800mb to Google Drive for group work and kept failing. Ended up doing it on my SONY VAIO i7 laptop from 6 years ago without a hitch.

    USE: heavy use with 3DS max, Unity, Adobe Creative Suite. At home I set up a ASUS P series 27" monitor with same res. specs as my SP3, allowing nice extended monitor real estate in my graphic applications. I use an old USB mouse (logitect wireless darkfield one is spotty when I use USB hub - esp with connected HD or thumb drives).
    have McAfee antivirus

    1. Hibernation death or coma. fairly recently I have been experiencing my SP3 having big problems turning back on when it goes into hibernation mode from inactivity. Sometimes (becoming less effective it seems) I do a combination of power button, pen clicker button, disconnecting all cords, and windows button on screen to wake it up. As if today, I HAVE TO HARD BOOT IT TO MAKE IT WORK.

    2. Graphics have been acceptable up till now. I'd get some quirks with refreshing my view ports in 3DS Max, but my work flow is suffering from laggy responsiveness when working. I love the SP3 i7 when I'm drawing directly in Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop. Thats why I bought this tablet vs going with a Wacom combo. I REALLY WISH THERE WAS A WAY TO UPGRADE MY GRAPHICS CAPABILITIES without experimenting with external video cards.

    3. Wireless Mouse problems with USB 3.0 hub. I used bluetooth and dongle based mouse set ups, but both (seems more so with blue tooth) lose connectivity. I know this b/c I am working with lots of click-drag operations or precise mouse actions. I have resigned to digging up an old line USB mouse and use my wireless mouse with my old Samsung ATIV 500 tablet.

    I know this is a mouthful, but while I'm in a venting mood.


    Hopeless SP3 Romantic
    05-14-2015 12:19 AM
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    Is it Sleeping, or Hibernating?
    Is the USB hub powered? And in Device Manager is Windows allowed to cut power to it?
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    05-14-2015 12:30 AM

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