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    I recently switched my 9 year old son's Lumia 520 over to his own Microsoft account. I use Family Safety to control age appropriate settings. I have him set for apps and games up to 13 yrs old. Trying to purchase Minecraft PE and I cannot complete the purchase using a Microsoft gift card. It took the gift card on the phone, but didn't associate with his account when I check online. I get a store error on the phone--c101a006.

    I thought this might have something to do with family safety. Jump onto the site to check. I don't see anything in the new family safety to block purchases other than the age setting. Minecraft is rated for 10+, so he should be good.

    Tried purchasing from the web, but also get an error (Sorry, something went wrong and we aren't sure what happened. Indicates bb8cd784-55c1-4a06-9a3c-4d427609648b).

    Is this being blocked because he is 9? Surely he can make a Windows Phone store purchase with a Microsoft gift card.

    How do I make the purchase?
    07-13-2015 09:29 AM
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    I also not really know how to solve it but the failure code you got indicates a "verification error" which could mean that you have to except some terms/conditions and or that here is a "problem" with the region/country setting of the phone in combination with the MS account (parent or child).
    So i would suggest to check the phones region/language and the MS account region/language on your phone.
    I hope this will give you a direction to solve this problem.

    Good luck
    07-13-2015 02:08 PM

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