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    The issue is every time I switch to LTE from Wifi or boot the phone with no available Wifi, I can't use internet at all.

    I determined that culprit is most likely Microsoft Account syncing, or whatever process that controls it, under Settings/email+accounts.

    It starts syncing every time I switch to LTE and it syncs for like 5 minutes (idk why it needs that long to sync). So for that time, I can't do anything related to using internet (accessing web or store). When sync completes, everything returns back to normal.

    To make the matter worse, if I accidentally turn off Wifi and try to turn on Wifi back again, it gives me "Your phone can't connect to the Wi-Fi network ___" until that useless sync finishes. I never had WP before so I don't know if this is common issue or the phone itself is defective. Not really impressing me right now.

    Any ideas?

    PS I have lumia640
    07-16-2015 10:02 PM

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