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    These may have been answered elsewhere, so apologies in advance:

    1. My Microsoft account (on live.com) won't sync. I have a Lumia 640. Until last year, I had a Lumia 920 so I checked my account settings and everything is the same, including the server address. The account syncs on the 920 but not the 640. I do NOT want to delete the account t and start again. In fact, I only get a sync option, not uninstall. Looking for a solution. If I don't find one is there any relevance to the non-syncing aside from not being able to access that e-mail account on the phone?

    2. Is there a touch button that I can pin to my home screen to control volume or is the only option the physical button on the right side of the phone?

    Many thanks!
    07-30-2015 02:41 PM

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