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    hi all,
    i need to know which fonts (on windows 8.1) are being used, by a particular app.

    skype could be using:
    - times new roman 10pt
    -arial black 12pt
    -helvetica 14pt


    Media player classic HD could be using:
    ex: -times new roman
    - system
    - terminal
    - courier new


    notepad++ could be using
    - lucida
    - segoe

    etc etc.

    i've tried using all apps like process explorer, but none will show which resources (in my case, the resources that i need is FONTS) are being loaded by a particular app, process, dll, etc.

    maybe there are some apps that do the reverse: we choose a font from a list, and it will tell us which app is using that particular font.

    in advance, a huggge thank you for your help
    08-02-2015 03:17 PM

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