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    Ok i bought one new screen (full unit) fitted it, and the screen does not display anything, the phone comes on, the buttons vibrate and the phone is reconized by my laptop, tried cleaning and finally ended up sending the screen back thinking it may have been faulty although i had been assured it had been tested and working.

    I have now bought a 2nd screen, fitted this and still have the same problem, tried charging for a long time, hard reset and the windows phone recovery tool which has reverted it back to previous software, i have now also lost all my photos,

    I am due to go away the end of next week for 8 months on a ship working, and need it fixing asap as i use the camera alot when away, i also have a fair amount on the contract left to pay.

    I have also cleaned all contacts. The phone is on and working, the screen is just not displaying anything, not even backlight.

    Any advice would be massively appreciated.
    08-06-2015 01:45 PM

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