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    For one of the users on my computers, I can login normally. However, for the other users, also a local account, when I enter the correct password, it says that it's logging in, and then immediately says "Signing off" before ever actually starting up. Why is this happening, and how can it be fixed?
    08-06-2015 06:28 PM
  2. riefen's Avatar
    I have exactly the same problem after upgrading to Windows 10. My original user account, which is also administrator, works fine, but all new accounts I create now are immediately logged out after login. Both local and microsoft accounts behave the same way. I have tried to find answers online but haven't found any.
    09-02-2015 02:47 PM
  3. knechod's Avatar
    Did you ever get an answer to this? I have EXACTLY the same problem.

    10-01-2015 11:45 AM
  4. RickYeager's Avatar
    I also have the same problem. I'm able to add a new user but when I log in as that user it immediately logs off.
    This is the only string I've found with this issue.
    01-12-2016 12:12 AM
  5. Pug Craft's Avatar
    Same thing happened to me
    03-09-2016 06:08 PM
  6. DAMartin3z's Avatar
    Windows immediately boots me out after login. Why
    12-12-2016 09:13 PM
  7. holdum333's Avatar
    Windows immediately boots me out after login. Why
    Hi this is a very old thread. It might be better to open a new thread of your own. Can you boot into Advanced Startup?
    How to Use the Advanced Startup Options to Fix Your Windows 8 or 10 PC
    12-13-2016 12:36 AM
  8. born2flie's Avatar
    I found this article:


    When I went to edit the registry values, I found them correct except for an extra character (a comma) in the Userinit string. I deleted the comma and restarted per the instructions and now I have no issues with additional users signing in to their accounts.
    05-14-2018 11:44 PM

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