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    Here is the problem. I restarted my W10 today and, out of no where, it deleted all my account setting, my desktop, my documents, my contacts, my downloads, my software configuration. The only things it didn't delete were the shortcuts saved in users\public\desktop.

    I have three users, an administrator and tow standard users. In one of those users I store all my work but I don't access it so some my work is still there. I accessed the other two users, the administrator and the second user, and each time I log off and access them again all the configurations -date, time, keyboard layout, country, currency, etc.- and the settings of programs such as favorites, user accounts, history of the browsers; user ids in MS Office, folders by default, are cleared and set back to default or to none.

    Al contacts are deleted each time I log on, all downloads are deleted, all the music I had -basically were audiobooks from Librivox so I can recover them- were deleted. A new folder was created with the name of the computer in the users folder but all the subfolders inside are empty.

    All the configurations of my different internet browsers -Opera, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge- were deleted and all the favorites I had configured erased.
    08-10-2015 11:14 AM
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    Sorry I didn't log on previously. I'm the one that posted that.

    I cant even configure the input locales I normally use in the computer -United States-International- so I don't have letters with accents in Spanish or French.

    I managed to figure out some things. First. What W10 is doing is it generates one new user for each logon I make. Second: I found the files I used to have in their respective folders, but I'm not able to access them in the user when I log on.
    08-10-2015 12:01 PM
  3. Granuja61's Avatar
    I managed to solve it via restoring a previous restore point. I don't know what caused it or whether it's going to happen again.
    08-10-2015 01:49 PM

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