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    I have one question so far:
    should we all brake our nails trying to open the back cover to replace batteries and sim cards? I do have nails as I play guitar. Was it hard for Nokia to make it simpler and easier, friendlier to the users, and specially for women?

    In general, I do not know why Microsoft selected Nokia for their phones. I'd prefer Samsung. I hope Windows OS will be available soon on other phones. First impression about the Lumia 640/XL phone in general - a lot of plastic and it screams cheap... This applies to phone models only, not Windows OS.
    Thanks, Art.
    08-12-2015 12:01 PM
  2. charlatan1978's Avatar
    I'd prefer Samsung
    Samsung do a Windows Phone...
    08-12-2015 12:13 PM
  3. libra89's Avatar
    Nokia was the one to start with phones opening that way. I would call that a 'feature' of a Lumia phone. lol. HTC has the M8 and BLU makes Windows phones too as well.

    I'm trying to understand what screams cheap on those phones. They have Gorilla Glass, and a HD display, which some of these Samsung phones do not have. The iPhone 5C has a plastic back as well and people still enjoy them.

    Let's not forget that there are even phones where you can't even open the back at all....
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    08-12-2015 03:29 PM

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