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    I just got a Lumia 735. I did create a microsoft account.

    I created a file (notebook) for onenote from the phone. I've installed the files app and also have connected my phone to my PC and browsed the phone from there. I just don't see my 'notebook' file on the phone either way. Despite that, I do see 2 spreadsheets both on the phone (via both the files app and browsing from the PC) and at onedrive. Then again, I copied them over instead of creating those files on the phone. I can see the notebook file on onedrive.

    As a test, I put the phone in airplane mode thinking that would cut the onedrive connection. Even with that--the phone still opens the Onenote file with its data implying it is somewhere on the phone!

    I also tried it the opposite way--while browsing at OneDrive from my PC...I was looking for a way to save the file to my PC...or phone. If there is a way...I don't see it.

    Where in the world is that file on my phone (if it is there), and/or how can I download a copy out of onedrive to my PC or phone?
    08-26-2015 05:40 PM
  2. vinscg's Avatar
    OneNote files open s from OneNote app the on phone.. and the OneNote app on pc ... its not a file in the cloud.
    search in the app you should find it there.
    08-26-2015 06:19 PM

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