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    Hello I have Nokia Lumia 735 and I want to buy memory card, but can't decide between these two.

    Samsung 32GB PRO Class 10 Micro SDHC up to 90MB/s with Adapter (MB-MG32DA/AM)

    Transcend 64GB MicroSDXC Class10 UHS-1 Memory Card with Adapter 45 MB/s (TS64GUSDU1E)

    First one got higher speed, but second one got more memory. So which would be better to get? Here in my country they cost same. Please help me I need to buy it today.
    09-02-2015 07:51 AM
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    A 32GB card with a higher data transfer rate should be more flexible than a 64GB card with a lower transfer rate. I've got a L1020 with 32GB internal storage, but I've always found 32GB to be more than what I need - considering the phone takes very high-resolution images and videos. Also, having a card twice as big but at half the speed may be more of a hassle than it would be a benefit - what good would having large storage be if the storage would be accessed at half the speed? Better to have twice the speed with a still decent storage size (90MB/s, 32GB).

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    09-02-2015 09:17 AM
  3. Gwynbleidd's Avatar
    Here I created account :) Yes it's probably better to have higher speed, but can Nokia Lumia 735 actually handle 90mb/s reading and 80mb/s writing speed? If this phone can't handle over 45mb/s transfer then Transcend is better?
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    09-02-2015 05:09 PM
  4. gpobernardo's Avatar
    You may want to have a look at this thread: http://forums.windowscentral.com/ask...t-sd-card.html

    Unfortunately, I don't have access to the technical specifications at that level. In the thread I posted above, using the Hardware tests app should enable the user to determine the speed of the SD Card.

    By the way, I just did some reading, have a look at this page: Difference between Speed Class, UHS Speed Class, and Speed Ratings (performance) for SD/SDHC/SDXC cards
    as well as this page: http://www.lexar.com/files/product/d...HS_Final_1.pdf

    Class 10 is rated only at 10MB/s, while cards that go up to 90MB/s have a different rating "Professional 600x UHS-I". You may want to check if the SD Cards you're choosing are legitimate.
    09-03-2015 09:14 AM

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