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    hi, i am using lumia 720 since more than a year, since i am purchasing i have a problem with network signal strength and voice clarity to others & shows very low signal, when changing my sim card any other mobile its getting good signals, my voice clarity is also good, i read your suggestions like 2g/3g option changing, proper sim card insertion i tried all ur suggestions but not solved the problem, other than lumia phone i am getting gud signals and voice clarity, i tried all network sim cards in lumia is same problem low strength issue & voice clarity issue, other than any mobile is getting good signals voice clarity, finally i fedup with this issue, i feel better to sit at mobile network towers.plz sort out the problem..
    09-12-2015 01:11 AM
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    Hello and Welcome to Windows Central.

    A similar question has already been answered recently here: http://forums.windowscentral.com/ask...gth-issue.html, and the answer is as follows:

    You may want to check the cellular connectivity specifications of your phone in the official specifications page. Take note of the frequency bands compatible with your phone and then check the operating frequency bands of your mobile service providers. If they are not compatible, then your phone would definitely have trouble receiving signals.

    P.S. Due to the similarity in style, grammar and choice of words, if it happens that this post was also made by you, please do not create duplicate posts of the same question. Rather, use your Windows Central account and wait for more audience for your post. This would minimize clutter and fragmentation in the forums. Also, creating two threads on the same topic would do more "damage" than one might expect.
    09-12-2015 03:03 AM

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