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Cannot Use WiFi Hotspot-Lumia 521 on T Mobile Network

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Have a T Mobile Lumia 521 running T Mobile service. I can receive talk, text, and data with the phone. Speedtest shows a speed between 3-16M and 40-80mS ping depending on the time of day. I was able to use Internet Sharing Wifi Hotspot tethering with my notebook until May 11, 2018. Now, when I tap on the Internet Sharing radio button, it would light up, show "connecting", then show "disconnected" after five seconds (radio button no longer light up). The Lumia 521 will not connect to my notebook to allow Internet Sharing.

This problem occurred six times over the last one year period. During these outages, T Mobile tech was able to restore functionality by re-configuring something at the tower.

1. I tested Internet Sharing with a Lumia 520 running AT&T service. Phone connects to my notebook. Therefore, there is no issue with the notebook.
2. I tested Internet Sharing with my Lumia 521 and a new T Mobile sim card. Still cannot connect to my notebook. Therefore, there is no issue with the T Mobile sim card.
3. I tested Internet Sharing with my new backup Lumia 521 and a new sim card. Still cannot connect to my notebook. Therefore, there is no issue with the T Mobile Lumia 521 phone.

A T Mobile tech said that the 2100 radio frequency in S California has been replaced with the LTE 2100 frequency. Since the T Mobile Lumia 521 cannot receive the LTE 2100 signal, it will no longer be able to perform Internet Sharing Wifi Hotspot tethering. If this is true, then T Mobile is abandoning its own re-badged T Mobile phone and many loyal T Mobile customers who cannot receive the LTE 2100 frequency. The T Mobile website still shows Internet Sharing instruction for the Lumia 521. Why didn't T Mobile allow Internet Sharing with the other radio frequencies? The Lumia 521 can still download data at speed up to 16M, but it will no longer support WiFi hotspot even though it was marketed by T Mobile to support this feature. I will contact the FCC to see if there is anything that they can do to assist 521 customers.

I no longer trust T Mobile and the proposed merger between T Mobile and Sprint as a good thing for the customers if this issue with the Lumia 521 cannot be resolved. The 521 is designed specifically to support the T Mobile bands and Internet Sharing Wifi hotspot. But in just four years, T Mobile has killed off Internet Sharing on the Lumia 521. The company could have easily added the Internet Sharing signal to the other supported band at virtually no cost.

Would like to hear inputs from other Lumia 521 users who are seeing the same problem on T Mobile towers. I plan to contact my representatives in Congress to vote down this merger if this problem is not restored within the next few days.

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