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    After doing a factory reset on my phone (Samsung ATIV S) - I have two settings that will not save. Every time I reboot the phone, they change back to their default - and it's driving me crazy!!

    1) Ringtone - I select a ringtone and it changes back to "Over The Horizon" every time I reboot.

    2) Phone Name - I change the phone name from "Samsung ATIV S" to my name (I've tried both through the Windows Phone APP and using PC/USB connection) - and again, every time I reboot - it changes back to "Samsung ATIV S"

    The factory restore I did took over 7 hours, so I'd rather not try that again if at all possible. Any ideas what could be going on?! Any help, greatly appreciated!!
    09-23-2015 02:59 PM

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