1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    Hello. I have found a way to change the maximum ISO value of any Lumia device using CustomPFD Registry Editor Tool + Tweaks. What do you think of this? Can this damage the camera in any way?
    09-25-2015 08:25 AM
  2. realwarder's Avatar
    Unlikely. Just means you'll get more noise. They probably set a limit based on the sensitivity of the sensor and at what threshold it looks terrible. Extending is unlikely to do anything other than produce grainier photos.
    09-25-2015 08:31 AM
  3. Teo Bartulovic's Avatar
    Yeah, you can only damage picture quality, you see the size of the camera’s image sensor dictates what ISO setting provides the least amount of digital noise and therefore I would not suggest to go above factory settings because sensor on L930 (1/2.5”) isn't as massive as on 1020 for example...
    09-25-2015 08:39 AM

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