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How to change disk drive Policy back to what was its default setting.


New member
Sep 22, 2021
The device I am using is a WD My Passport 264F SCSI Disk Device, 2TB size. I have two of them connected to my computer. I am using Windows 10 Pro Build 19043. Both drives had a Removal Policy of "Quick removal (default)." I changed one of the drives to "Better Performance" with write caching enabled as I wanted to use CrystalDiskMark to see if there would be any improvement to the drive's writing performance. There was no real improvement. So I tried to change the setting back to "Quick removal (default)" but get a message saying, "Windows could not change the write-caching setting for the device. Your device might not support this feature or changing the setting." I know it supports the setting because it was set originally. It let me change the setting one way, but will not allow me to change it back. So why will it not let me change it back and how can I fix this?