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    Just how do universal apps fit in with desktop apps and the cloud?
    One developer said he didn't want to make a slightly dumbed
    down universal version that had only a minimal advantage in that it
    could also be used on a phone. It seems to me that developers are better off developing a full desktop app which can run on PCs and tablets. Where is the value in developing for the phone which has only a 3% market share? When you consider that you could run
    a full desktop version on a phone via the cloud and continuum, the
    usefulness of a universal app seems even less.

    To make universal apps worthwhile they need to have the functionality
    of the desktop version or else very very close. Is that possible?

    I can see that having universal apps allows you to run Office, for
    instance, without the cloud; is that enough to make them worthwhile?
    10-07-2015 02:31 AM

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