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    Google seems to be getting removed by another browser on my pc but I don't know how to find where this browser is to remove it, and any other imposters. When I open google the Iron Maiden picture I asked for as my art as my background on my google page appears, then about 1 second after that the page goes completely blank and there is text in the bar at the top of the page with the word highpoint on there and other numbers, letters and characters of other sorts. I would normally go to add/remove programs but don't know where that is right now. Can somebody help me please? There is also another web browser at the top of my page which stays there as long as I am on the internet, with a gold/brown bar but is never used, how do I get rid of that also? And just be left using google chrome with no adds popping up every time I want to change page? Can this be done on Windows 10?
    10-14-2015 06:52 PM

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