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    Okay i play Pirates of the Burning Sea's and multibox, with windows 7 each time i start up a toon and say quad box that's running the same game 4 times using different characters. they all stayed in the order i started them and if booted off i just relogged them and they were still in sequence.

    Now with windows 10 the task bar interferes with the edge of the game like it only shows half way, the other problem is at times they switch spots 4th player changes to 1st player and so forths. now with 1st rates all of the same ships isn't a problem but if it switch's place in order with a frigate then it gets confussing.

    so how to start 4 instances of the same game and they stay in order their started up in????? locking seemed to work under windows 7 not windows 10.
    12-26-2015 10:34 PM

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