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  1. Michael_JL's Avatar
    L1520 - I had 10586.63 installed (I had performed a hard reset after the install) and all was working fine, but today I found several problems..I could not open any of the Office apps, Skype or MSN Weather.. when I tried to open them it took me to the store, said it was already installed. I fixed this by uninstalling the office apps and reinstalling them. However, OneNote cannot be uninstalled. MSN Weather had the same issue as the Office apps but was not able to be uninstalled. Skype was the same. I did a factory reset after which the same issues remained. I downgraded to Win 8.1 and all worked well. Upgraded without a reset to 10586.29 and same issues. I have no idea what could suddenly be causing this. Trying 1 more time with hard reset....can someone help? TIA!
    01-12-2016 09:04 AM
  2. smf98aggie's Avatar
    wp_ss_20160112_0001.jpgI finally decided to update my 640 to W10 last night. It tried to update last week, but got stuck updating only part of it, because of phone memory shortage. So, lastnight, I did a hard reset to free up all the trash memory and set up as a new phone, but after I redownloaded Windows Insider and tried to open it, it kept telling me there was a server error and to check my date/time and connection. All that was fine though, because I was still getting texts and calls. SO, I hard reset again, but this time restored from the backup I performed an hour before. I decided to just let it finish restoring everything while I slept and would deal with it this morning. WELL, I've been trying to reopen the Windows Insider app to get the new W10 update, but it STILL KEEPS TELLING ME THERE'S A SERVER PROBLEM :/ Is anybody else having this issue?
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    01-12-2016 09:21 AM

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