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    Okay, about four days ago I did a Dell update for recovery and restore at their prompt with Win 10. I have been getting nothing but an annoying pop up since then to do a backup. Which is followed by an error about a media update, then another error message which does a diagnostic, and prompts me to close the program. The final message is that I will be contacted when a solution is available.

    This AM, frustrated I finally contacted Dell support since I still have a hardware warranty. They did a remote assist, deleted the recovery program and reloaded the same program. Same errors. Then they tried another recovery program, same errors. Solution was to delete the program entirely.

    I don't even have 8.1 which was my program when I updated to Win 10. At that installation the Win 10 program stated 8.1 would always be my back up should I choose to not like Win 10. However when I checked, the only version showing on my system is Windows 7, which I never had. My remote assist person says that Win 7 shows on all systems as a back up...REALLY!??

    Anyone else having this issue and was that the correct solution?

    Thank you in advance. New laptop 1 T, Impiron 5749
    01-17-2016 10:48 AM

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