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    After upgrading to WP 10 the WP 8.1 in Lumia 820, This issue arrrised after 3 to 4 months of migrating to WP 10 While my phone was on charge after few hours entire phone become Black, I am able to receive call, Msg's are coming, Touch is working fine .Rest all is working. There is no Physical damage also. can any one please help to resolve the issue .
    01-18-2016 12:55 AM
  2. hemantraha's Avatar
    Hi Guys any update just awaiting for your revert
    01-21-2016 02:36 AM
  3. ajayden's Avatar
    Hi Guys any update just awaiting for your revert
    If you need someone to help, you need to elaborate further. What do you mean by everything went black? Have you tried a soft reset or a hard reset?

    Have you tried to go back to 8.1 and check how it works?
    01-21-2016 05:55 AM
  4. grantpwarren's Avatar
    Maybe a loose connection between the mainboard and digitizer?
    01-21-2016 06:02 AM

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