How to troubleshoot/identify Bluetooth intermittently 'disconnecting'


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Jan 20, 2021
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Hi all

I have a HP AIO (All in One) desktop that I use for personal work and as a second monitor for my work laptop. I then have a Logitech MX Master 2S mouse and K780 keyboard, both bluetooth, with a connection to each computer.

the keyboard and mouse always work consistently with the work laptop ... however ... when I toggle the keyboard/mouse back to the HP ... quite reliably after a few minutes the keyboard and mouse input will behave as if they are disconnected (but still show connected in bluetooth devices)
- Switching the keyboard and mouse does not resolve on the HP
- moving the device pairing back to the laptop they still work fine
- the fix is to toggle bluetooth off/on on the HP using the touch screen
- sometimes the touch input has also died so I simply use power button to sleep/hibernate the HP and then bring it back and it all works.
Once toggled they will work on the HP for a long time ... I also get a similar problem if I have left them on the HP for a while and come back to it and start using ... it works for a few minutes and then freezes.

To me this feels like something I should be able to track down to what is causing the issue and seems to be something to do with power states in the HP (it doesn't go to sleep/hibernate while I am using it as a second monitor and working on the laptop but of course is very idle)

I am on Windows 11 (but I think it did it on Windows 10). I have checked Event Viewer for the bluetooth devices and the Realtek Bluetooth Controller 4.2 and there are no recent events.

In the System events there are also no obvious error relating to Bluetooth or anything that is correlated in time to the issue occurring. When Bluetooth starts I do get two errors about the BTHUSB 18 & 34 - local key storage and BT LE not supported - but I assume as it is a 4.2 controller that is 'expected'.

Does anyone have any good suggestions as how to pin down the issue and try and resolve it. (I don't simply want to be advised to 're-install windows' or something drastic if it can be avoided)

Thanks in advance.

System Info if it helps:
Realtek Driver: 1.8.1037.3005
Realtek Firmware: HCI 9.53928 / LMP 9.12566
Power Management - Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power [unticked]
Jun 9, 2021
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Try to reset your network settings and restart your pc... Some of your software program is the culprit... Forget your all connected Bluetooth devices and reconnect them. Actually i faced that problem most of the time and by resetting network settings my problem was solved or I forget my all connection of Bluetooth and reconfigure them...
Hoping your problem will be solved...

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