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    The problem I am having is my surface pro 4 doesn't auto switch to desktop mode when I turn it on with the keyboard attached if I was using it in tablet mode last. The choices in tablet mode settings is just plan confusing and dumb. They seem to conflict each other. I want my SP4 to auto detect if I have a keyboard attached or not and switch to desktop or tablet mode. It does this fine during an active session. But when I shut it down it will always boot into whatever state I was using last.

    I know what your thinking, I have this setting active. Yes I do. I have it set to remember how I was using it last. But this is because there is no other appropriate setting and this is the closest option. The choices are 'go to desktop', 'go to tablet mode' or 'remember what I did last'.

    I want my sp4 to auto switch based on how I'm using it. Why would I want it to behave any different when I sign in? And why isn't there an option that doesn't conflict with the 'make my device more touch friendly in tablet mode' and 'auto switch' options?

    The options should be:
    -Auto switch to desktop or tablet mode if a keyboard is connected or detached

    -Always use tablet mode or Always use desktop

    -I will manually choose desktop or tablet mode

    This would eliminate confusion and prevent people from having to detach and reattach the keyboard to auto switch when they log in.

    Anyone else notice this? Any solutions other than the obvious manual switch in the notications tray?
    01-20-2016 01:08 PM

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