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    Hello there,
    my CPU is a FX-8350 with a huge power consumption.
    Windows scales the frequency automatically from ~1.4 GHz to ~4 GHz. At max speed (without CPU-load) the CPU consumes about 60 watts more than at minimum speed.

    The problem is: If an application needs just a little bit of power, Windows scales the CPU directly to 100%. Let's take the browser as an example. About 99% of it's time, the browser does not need to calculate this much and even the minimum CPU-frequency would be more than enough. But about once every second, the browser needs a little bit of power and so so CPU is always running with maximum frequency und just waste ~75% of it's energy.

    My current strategy is, that I've got 2 energy-settings. At one of them Windows is allowed to scale the CPU to 100% if it's frequency, at the other just to 50%.
    So I'm switching between those 2 settings and got a better power-balance and basically don't feel any difference in speed...
    Except: Some sites (like youtube, facebook, amazon, ...) got a LOT of Javascript and need a lot of power when building the site. At this point 50% CPU-scale is not enough. With my current strategy I've got 3 options for this:
    (after the site is builded, 50% is more than enough again)

    1. Switch energy-setting every time the browser loads a youtube/amazon/... site -> But this option sucks
    2. Keep it at 50% -> I've already explained why this is crap
    3. Keep it at 100% -> And throw the energy right out of the window (this sucks too)

    So it would be great if it is possible to change the kind, Windows scales the CPU-frequency. The Linux-CPU-governor "conservative" would be great for my problem (kernel.org/doc/Documentation/cpu-freq/governors.txt)

    So, is there any way?
    02-14-2016 11:29 PM

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