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    I have a wearable utility app, but it's a year older than the wearable I have for it. (windows Nabu Utility(2014), Razer Nabu 2015)
    I have the app installed on my phone's SD card, but I was wondering if it's possible to make a copy, decompile, and edit the app so I can make it compatible with my current wearable. Main thing is though, I have no idea how to detect the installed apps on my SD card when it's in my PC. Any ideas, suggestions, and advice would be helpful.

    Main problem with the current app, is that it doesn't detect my wearable at all. my goal is to update it with a patch that gives at least limited compatibility (using the Nabu SDK for iOS and Android as a guide)
    02-21-2016 01:10 AM

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