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    Hello, has anyone successfully got their VPN to stay connected between different data connections? My network carrier has a weird habit of randomly blocking websites (why on earth can I be blocked from Ultimateguitar.com? The adult filter is off dammit.) so I've signed up for a VPN to get around such things. I also thought it would be an added layer of security so that I can access Facebook, etc over public Wifi spots without the worry of people stealing my entire life. However, I have to physically connect the VPN for each connection when I switch between Wifi and Carrier Data. There's no warning, it just drops the VPN and carry's on as normal and there's no option to tell it to only use data when the VPN's active. In one case it (Lumia 950 on Windows 10 Mobile) said the VPN was still connected but I could not access data at all. Then another time it just switched from mobile data to Wifi and dropped the VPN without telling me.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to make it behave more predictably? It seems somewhat unsafe to connect to a public Wifi and then connect the VPN as my phone will start transmitting data in the background before I get the VPN up. I'm sure Windows Phone 8.1 had far better options for this...
    03-06-2016 05:13 PM

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