Slow download speeds on certain websites on PC, not Mac


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May 5, 2023
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Hi guys,

I've never come across this type of thing before and I'm about out of ideas, so I hope you guys can help.

PC in question:
-- I connect to a NAS with the QNAP network card

Internet: 240/40 mpbs. Wired connection.
-- I have two ISP connections set as transparent bridge going into a switch into
-- ISP says it's not on their end

Problem: Slow download speeds (a 26 mbps wall), but only on Google Drive,, WeTransfer, Dropbox.
-- Other websites or apps like Steam download at an expected higher speed
-- Download speeds from these websites are slow in Windows safe mode and with a VPN
-- is one of the websites that downloads through the browser at 26 mbps and they have a file transfer app. Using this app, I was able to download at the full 240 mbps my ISP provides.
-- When I download two files from the same location, it splits the 26 mbps download speed between them.
-- Plugging the same cat7 cable into my Macbook Pro via dongle allows downloads from these websites at around 144mbps
-- Drivers are updated. Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045.2846
-- Mobo has two ethernet connections that each yield the same result
-- Uninstalled anti-virus and disabled windows defender completely
-- Virus scan comes back clean
-- I've tried Firefox, Chrome, Edge. With and without private windows.
-- I've tried downloading to the NAS, an M.2 SSD, an external SSD via usb-c. They all hit that 26mbps wall.
-- flushed DNS, using cloudflare's

Like I said, I'm out of my own ideas. Any from your guys? Thanks!

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