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    I'm on a local network. I would like to force one PC to receive Windows 10 updates, while the other PC's in the main get their non critical updates from that PC.

    Put another way. If I set all my networked PC's as metered connections with the exception of one. Will all PC's get fully updated.

    Secondly will configuration save bandwidth?

    Any answers much appreciated.
    03-08-2016 09:12 AM
  2. jmshub's Avatar
    The simple answer is no. Windows doesn't look at neighboring PCs in the LAN for Windows updates. Windows has mechanisms to update PCs from a single update repository, but you are talking about enterprise level tools. You will need a Windows Server.
    03-08-2016 04:55 PM
  3. Guest5000's Avatar
    @jmshub - I'm not sure your answer is correct for windows 10. Windows 10 employ's 'windows update Delivery optimization'. This updates your windows from more than one place. This feature is enabled by default during installation of windows 10. When enabled " your pc may also send parts of previously downloaded updates and apps to pc's on your local network or ' internet ' depending on the selected setting. - Default ( local network and Internet) other option being ( local network)

    With default settings and your connection not set as metered, windows 10 will download all available updates. ( This can be a large amount of data depending on where you live or what plan you are on) ( you may be on a capped data plan but on a wireless connection) In this case windows does not automatically set your connection as metered. - So you can overcome this by manually setting your connection as metered (only available for wireless connections and not ethernet). This then treats your connection in the same as it would a mobile connection. Only critical updates are then downloaded, thus saving you large amounts of data.

    Thus if I am on an informal network (not enterprise) with a limited cap how should I set up my updates. If I set all machines to metered connections, with the exception of one on the network. Will they all receive full updates? This as the exceptional machine should be pushing all updates to at least local network machines. However all the other machines have now been set to receive limited updates.(how will these updates function) I know this is a wierd question, but this is a good place to ask. Isn't it. Please fwd to Microsoft If you get stuck. Thanks
    03-09-2016 02:34 AM

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