Defer Windows Updates, Metered Wifi, Dual Sim Sound Select, Alarm Volume - hacks, workarounds?


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Aug 16, 2017
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I had a Lumia 650 a couple of years ago (Windows 8.1), and for all its limitations, I loved it. After a year on an Android, I bought a Lumia 950XL and was rather happy to be coming home! I knew it was great hardware, I knew from use on other devices that Windows 10 was reasonably stable...what could go wrong?

Well, you all are sitting there wanting to pinch my adorable naive little cheeks right now, I know, because of course what could go wrong is that Windows 10 is not made for mobile phones and half of the things that worked in Windows 8 have been actively crippled.

My list of critical gripes, after 24 hours, will be quite familiar to you all - I've found extensive, older discussions all over the place of all of them (except the dual-sim specific issue). However, I would love some more recent feedback on whether people have found any workarounds, third party apps, or fixes, whether MS-approved or not.

1. Forced updates. Last night, at 11.29, I was given a popup saying Windows needed to install some updates and restart, and it could happen now or it could happen at 11.44 (t+15). There was no option to set it for another time. I was waiting for a time-sensitive phone call, and the update took 20 minutes. Fortunately, in this instance, I was just inconvenienced. But I spend a lot of time in a developing country in unsafe places. If my phone was forcibly taken out of action for 20 minutes at such short notice in certain circumstances, that could quite literally put my life at risk.

2. Metered wifi. When I'm out of urban centers, a lot of my internet is mobile internet through an assortment of SIM cards installed in a travel router. To Windows, this just looks like a WIFI connection. Again, the removal of "set as metered" from WIFI has been well-discussed...has anyone found any hacks to fix it? It isn't just the potential for lost credit, although that is an issue; it's that it isn't always a simple matter to get more credit if it is unexpectedly chewed up. The nearest shop might be an hour's boat ride away. (There are no post-paid plans, most people are unbanked).

3. There is something wrong with the implementation of notification settings for dual sim. I can choose custom sounds, etc for SIM 1, but not SIM 2. SIM 2 is recognised everywhere else but simply does not appear in the app notifications list. The practical consequence is I don't get a sound when I receive SMS to SIM 2. Has anyone else experienced this or have a fix?

4. Alarm volume: Also well-discussed everywhere, and I have achieved a modest improvement by significantly amplifying an alarm sound in Audacity and using it as a custom sound. But the sound nearly knocks you over played on PC and is barely above everyday conversation volume on the phone, so even that only gets you so far. I've tried a few third party apps and they all seem to have the same problem. Anyone know of any apps that work around it?

Many thanks for any advice people can provide.

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