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    I have tried 2 different sticks plugged into the plug like it said but it only recognizes it as headphones.
    03-15-2016 11:50 AM
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    Not in 8.1. The API is different from what the stick makers code.

    I'm told this will get cleared up in W10M.

    Meanwhile, try this App: https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?...token=XbULguim

    The voice trigger feature works great. It also has facial recognition with a tone. Turn the phone around and use the superior rear camera this way. Get a tone when it sees your face and voice trigger for the pic without having to see the screen. More features as well.

    I like it for tripod work. Keeps your shot steady if you don't have to touch the phone and you can just say "snap" (you can program your own word) to get the picture. Especially useful for zoomed in and HDR when any wobble really affects the pic.

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    03-15-2016 03:30 PM

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