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    Is there some work-around that let's me update my phone software without wifi?

    Who thought I would be a good idea to restrict software updates to wifi only? I have unlimited 4G plan, and no regular access to wifi. I'm honestly baffled what kind of an ***** would make this 'feature'. </rant>
    04-24-2016 12:06 PM
  2. realwarder's Avatar
    So many people do not have unlimited data. And rather than being sued for $$$$$$$ because of many mistaken downloads costing many $ to users I guess the safe option is to limit to Wi-Fi.

    Given that Wi-Fi is pretty universal, this is a wise move. Except frustrating for users like you. iOS is the same though... for same liability reasons.

    Best idea - use a friends 'unlimited 4g hotspot" if you don't have Wi-Fi.
    04-24-2016 01:28 PM
  3. Znirmik's Avatar
    The problem is that I have to repeat the process every time I have updates,which makes it a bit of hassle. They could've had a checkbox, say in developer options, that enables updates over mobile data. That way users couldn't sue over unexpected charges and everyone could use their phones as needed.

    I have been relatively happy with my first Windows phone (really like the UI), but I'm going to switch back to android. No artificial restrictions there.
    04-25-2016 12:55 AM

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