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    I bought the Evocel Black kind of charcoal and it's sleek looking. It fits the phone more than I thought because each and every time, which has not been too many since I purchased phone for Christmas last this past year, and the case however, did put a slight wear (I want to say blemish) right alongside below where the microphone is and that edge of the phone that tucks under the Evocel case, has been (how can I say) as if eaten away by the case's tight glove fit that on the one hand I love it to be able to grip and on the other dislike the idea that taking the case off means you take the back cover of the phone that does cling to and I mean it's grip is on it that tight that I then after removing the Evocel case, I play he...fight to get the case cover off or that is, the phone's back cover out of the evocel because it does tuck it under tightly and that's why a piece of the frame just a piece of the edge of the phone itself is and has worn away from this Evocel case that I was real hesitant and wanted to get the best one I could and the price was fair but it damaged the phone on and to its edge where the microphone is and probably with the mic positioned there it probably made for a slight weaker area along side that frame for the fitting of its wire(?)
    Sorry to not include a picture of what I'm, trying to describe.
    I wonder if I can try other frame by asking Evocel ? But that's not going to repair the frame's little (so little like nano) but it's noticeable especially to me as I look at every little detail and if there's a smear I have one of the nice microfiber is it called cloths. What a bummer and another bummner. I love this phone though and I don't have the internet windows computer part of its usage because I'm on plan that for the time being restricts to the text and talk but I want a good phone to do that on too which is why I got it and then had a Virgin Mobile and was ok to start out but missing every other word when talking on it's not too becoming. Shoot it makes me mad that that happened but so it did.
    05-09-2016 12:24 AM
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    New battery covers can be had easily off of Amazon or eBay and in many colors. The fit, finish and button action on the ones from this seller seem to match the original backs perfectly. https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?...token=zy5851Ke

    Also maybe look for a new case while you are shopping...

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    05-09-2016 01:30 PM

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