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    I'm running the latest version of windows 10 mobile, and after I signed into and started using the built in skype app Cortana stopped announcing any names or numbers in my calls. I removed my skype contacts from my phone and outlook account, then signed out of skype and uninstalled it but the problem remained. I still had 2 skype only double contacts in my phone contact list that I couldn't remove because the delete option was greyed out. I'm pretty sure that was the problem. So I tried a factory reset figuring that would fix the problem for sure, but it didn't. I've checked all the settings and everythings fine, and cortana still reads texts out loud and responds to my commands, she just won't announce the caller.
    If anybody can help I'd really appreciate it :-)
    05-15-2016 08:12 PM
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    I'm responding to my own question after some more research and experimentation to try and help other windows 10 phone users. Here's my original question " Cortana stopped announcing callers names or numbers after I started using skype ".

    I found out that the skype program for 10 and my outlook account have a bug, and if you add another windows 10 user's pc and windows phone into skype with their actual cell phone number already in your people list, it makes 3 duplicate contacts in your phone and outlook account, which stops Cortana from announcing calls, and as of now there's no way to remove them. Every time your phone syncs to your e-mail the problem comes up again whether or not you've removed all contacts from your e-mail and phone skype. I even signed out of skype and removed it from my phone without any luck.

    I couldn't find a workaround except to open a new e-mail account, then factory reset my phone and link the phone to the new account. It was too much hassle to try and figure out how to move my data from the old account to the new (it shouldn't have to be) so I gave my phone to my wife to upgrade her from her 8.1 phone (she loves windows phones), and I went ahead and bought an android.

    Microsoft skype support and phone support had no answers for me unfortunately :-(

    Be careful how you use skype in windows 10 until they get some more of the bugs out.
    05-17-2016 10:43 PM
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    05-17-2016 11:02 PM

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