Cortana stopped responding over Bluetooth, but still responds fine through phone....any suggestions?

J Dubbs

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Jun 7, 2016
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Recently Cortana decided to stop responding to my wife's bluetooth earpiece on her Alcatel Idol 4S. Cortana works fine directly through the phone, and my wife can still hear and respond to texts and calls over Bluetooth, but she can't call out/text etc through her Bluetooth at all, because Cortana will no longer respond to her Bluetooth. When she presses the call button on her Bluetooth she gets the first beep, but doesn't get the Cortana tone or any response from Cortana at all.

She relies very heavily on the hands free feature, and I would love to fix it for her, but I need some help :-[
All the settings are correct, nothing's changed with the Bluetooth or phone.... the bluetooth is a pretty new and spendy Plantronics Voyager. Cortana just stopped responding. If this was an Android phone I'd clear the cache and data in the Bluetooth app, wipe the cache partition and be on my way.

But this being a windows phone I'm not even sure if the apps or os has cache and data to wipe.

Please don't tell me this is another problem that requires a factory reset :-(
We've already unpaired and repaired the headset multiple times, restarted the phone multiple times, reset the headset multiple times, turned bluetooth on and off multiple times, and everything else in between except sacrificing a chicken under a full moon. If that's the answer the heck with Peta I'll do it :O

My wife said she thought maybe turning airplane mode on might have started the problem if that helps any. Thanks in advance for any help you can give ;-)

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