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    Hi all. I have a Microsoft Surface 3, with Windows 10. Sometimes I use the Surface 3 with the Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover (the cover that can be connected to the Surface 3 with the magnets and the "six pins").
    With a specific program I have observed a very strange behavior: when the Surface 3 Type Cover is connected to the tablet (also if completely "flipped back" and therefore disabled, but still magnetically and electrically connected) the program run and execute as normal. Instead, if I try to run the program on the Surface WITHOUT the keyboard connected, the program fails its execution. Also using an external USB keyboard does not solve this strange behavior. The program run correctly if and only if the Surface 3 is connected to the Surface 3 Type Cover.

    More information: the program is an utility to control via USB the optical zoom of an USB camera, in particular the e-con System See3CAM_30Z10X camera. To control the camera optical zoom the program make use of a specific DLL (provided by e-con System), that is the file "eCAMFwSw.dll". I don't know why there is this strange behavior... but it is a fact that when the program use the APIs of this dll on my Surface 3 WITHOUT the Type Cover, the APIs of the DLL fails to response (I obtain error codes, and the zoom does not work...). On any other "classic" Windows PC or laptop (or also on my Surface 3 but WITH the Surface 3 Type Cover connected...) the DLL works well...

    There are any other cases in which the presence or not of the Type Cover can impact the execution of a program on Surface 3 / Windows 10 ?

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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